Criminal Justice Thesis Prospectus

Part of M.A. in Criminal Justice Program

Cruel and Unusual. Exploring the Role of Context in County-level Disparities in Death Penalty Usage

In my thesis, I sought to investigate the potential association of contextual factors such as racial composition, level of political conservatism, religiosity etc. on county-level death penalty usage from 2012 to 2014.

Primer on Reading Research

This primer on reading research synthesizes best practices and guidelines on how to approach reading and evaluating academic studies

Compassionate Care New York Policy Advocacy Report

On January 7th, 2016, New York became the 23rd state to roll out a medical marijuana program. The program's start has been underscored by a growing recognition about the lack of patient access and the state's lukewarm response to addressing the …

Estimating causal relationships among youth justice policies and rates of juvenile confinement

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Evaluation of the Osborne Association's Prepare Program

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Mayor's Action Plan (MAP) Outcome Evaluation

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