Software for Data Analysis

About the Class

This course provides an understanding of the principles and concepts of using computer tools for data analysis and visualization. Students will learn to use a programming language (SAS and R) to wrangle and analyze data, and statistical modeling techniques will be introduced. Written reports will prepare students for clear communication of their analysis in professional settings.

Course Contents

1.1 - Introduction to R

General and brief overview of the R programming language

1.2 - Effect Plots and Model Selection

Categorical predictors, effect plots, and model selection procedures in R and Stata

1.3 - Model Selection Continued
1.4 - ggplot2 and Diamonds

Explore how to create various types of plots in R using the diamonds data set

1.5 - Join and Tidy Data

Covers the main types of joins and ways to tidy-transform data to facilitate merging information

1.6 - Gapminder and More Tidy-transforming

Practice more tidy verbs to help us better understand and visualize the gapminder data