Policy Analysis in Criminal Justice

The Addiction Institute At Mt. Sinai. An Evaluation Study of Single Session Therapy with Dr. Kimora

This report was prepared to fulfill the requirements of the following course: Policy Analysis in Criminal Justice. In this class, students learn the complexities of the policy analysis process in practice, focusing specially on the development of needed skills in evaluation design that can be applied to many academic and practitioner careers within the field.

The research group adopted an Evidence Generation approach to develop a comprehensive evaluation plan for Dr. Kimora’s single-session therapy at the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital. To prepare this report, student researchers conducted several site visits to the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital to observe therapy sessions, meet with key stakeholders, interview staff, and review administrative documents and program materials.

Following these visits, the group developed a rigorous evaluation plan including a logic model for the evaluation based upon a theory of change that is captured in the report. The report also includes proposed evaluation instruments for the study design found in the Appendix.